La pareja se ríe de la broma.

Beautiful Spanish Words.

Spanish Verbs That Start with L. La ventana — the window.

El reloj — the clock/watch.

See authoritative translations of Words that start with "ll" in Spanish with audio pronunciations.

. Spanish Words That. el ladrillo - the brick.


llaga. It’s used the same way an English speaker would use “madness” to describe someone who was acting crazy or off. 3.

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Marijuana – from the Mexican Spanish mariguana or marihuana.

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La ventana — the window. .

el ladrillo - the brick. class=" fc-falcon">Master Spanish with fun quizzes, custom word lists, and spaced repetition.


Includes over 1 million translations. Now, when the “D” is in between vowels or at the end of the word, the sound is softer, similar to the voiced “th” sound in the word “that. .

Spanish Verbs That Start with L. <span class=" fc-falcon">Free English to Spanish to English Dictionary from SpanishDict. . . Enter the sequence of letters to search and you will get a list of Spanish words that include it and its meaning in de RAE. Sep 13, 2011 · la llave - the key.

Xenolito – (meaning) a kind of rock.

. Feb 5, 2021 · One of the most popular words in Spanish is “hola” which means “hi” or “hello”.

But remember these are rare cases that break the rule; in general, the “j” in Spanish sounds like if you’re making a hard “h” sound with your throat.